Shouguang Fuji Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Management philosophy:
1. Seek benefits from management and seek development from science and technology;
2. Quality is benefit, quality is life;
3. Today's work will be completed today, and tomorrow's work will be better than today. The tasks of the current month are completed in the current month, and the tasks of the next month will be improved compared to the previous month;
4. Products reflect character and management level;
5. Treat the enterprise as your own home, and treat the expenses as your own money, and strive to build an economical enterprise;
6. Take strict precautions against rigidly grasping production and meticulously grasping quality;
7. Strengthen management innovation and improve management level;

Struggle concept:
1. Overcome the idea of ??"small wealth is peace" and advocate the spirit of "dissatisfaction";
2. Exceed the company's record and set the same industry level;
3. As long as the spirit does not slip, there are always more solutions than difficulties;
4. Not satisfied, dare to be the first;

Employment management concept:
1. Strive to be a capable person who overcomes difficulties, not a mediocre person who is afraid of difficulties;
2. The position depends on competition, and the income depends on contribution;
3. Those who are able go up, those who are equal let go, and those who are mediocre go down;
4. Hard work, selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, and abiding by the law;
5. You must do your duty when you are on duty, and if you do nothing, it is a mistake;

Management concept:
1. Integrity management, customer first;
2. The quality is not discounted, the service is not discounted, and the reputation is not discounted;
3. The job is the market, everyone participates in the market, and everything revolves around the market;

Democratic management concept:
1. The enterprise relies on its employees to rejuvenate, and the employees rely on its wealth;
2. Establish Fuji Weiye steadily, and benefit the employees of the company;
3. Develop by hard work, compete by character, get rich by ability, and succeed by cooperation;
4. "People-oriented" is the starting point and end point for us to do things and think about problems

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